martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

¡Agradecimiento a nuestros estudiantes!

Muchas Gracias a los estudiantes que están en nuestros cursos:
- Comunicándonos
- Brasil: Lingua, Cultura e Paixao
- Survival Spanish
Y a aquellos que toman clases particulares con nosotros.

We are currently polishing next year's projects. Just want to tell you that our regular courses and new ones will continue next year and so will the "promos"!

Be ready to hear about Valentine's special for regular and intensive courses starting mid Februray next year.
Remember that during January some of our tutors are on holidays while others are engaged full time in the immersion courses.
Nuevamente, muchas gracias

Tina, Antonio, Mariano y Edith

domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

Doing a research on self-learning material for Spanish language learners

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Hola a todos,
how are you?
As some of you know, I am looking for volunteers to participate in a research which is not funded by any organization but will give way to a couple of academic papers and further research on online learning.
Its objective is to scketch some principles for the preparation of self-learning material for studying languages, particularly Spanish.
Volunteers are first sent a survey to see level, background, interests, needs, time available for study, etc and, after their answers, they are sent some material- part of a copyright one by the school of languages I am director of studies.
The material is accompanied by a questionnaire, and an active participants are sent another worksheet and so on and on.
The material chosen to be used in this study is Beginners (both true and false) and Pre-intermediate level (A1- A2), but if you know some Spanish, this can help you practice it or refresh it.
To participate, you need to be a non-native Spanish speaker.
Well, if you are interested in joining it or know someone who may be, let me know this week, please. Better if the person interested has no knowledge or scarce on Spanish language.
Muchas gracias

Ricardo Montaner - Soy Feliz (Video Oficial)

Demasiado popular por estos días en Argentina, pero tal vez nuevo para algunos amigos que están aprendiendo o gustan de la lengua española.
Aquí, la letra: