lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

March special: Spanish beginners course $80/month

If you were thinking on taking a Spanish language course and were not able to join one yet for any reason, now, you can take the "Comunicándonos" Beginners (A1) Course for just U$S 80 a month.

Starting in March 7th in these time slots: 11AM GMT; 5pm GMT and 11pm GMT(*), the course will be developed during March, April and May, in twice-a-week classes in virtual classrooms you will access with just a click. You'll be able to revise the content develop by simply watching the recording and doing follow-up exercises.

In small groups of no more than four (4) students, you will join other learners whose source language is not Spanish and a native-Spanish-speaker tutor and we will gradually develop the contents of a communication- oriented syllabus that will enable you to communicate in the target language, Spanish, by the time you grasp the Spanish grammar.
After the course you can take an optional level test.
Remember the course includes material Comunicándonos Principiantes Students' Worksheets and free-access to other Spanish South America activities.
So, willing to say ¡Felices Vacaciones! naturally and mean it? Then, join us!

(*)You can check on the time for the time zone of your location at time zone of your location at

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